uMoya-NILU Consulting is a Level-2 B-BBEE air quality management company that was established in 2007
Over the last 14 years, uMoya-NILU has established itself as a leading supplier of air quality management consultancy services in Southern Africa, working throughout South Africa, and in Mozambique, Angola, Uganda, Namibia, Zambia and Madagascar, as well as in Uruguay (South America)
Specialised air quality management services include:
  • Atmospheric Impact Reports (AIRs) for EIAs
  • Air quality management plans (AQMPs)
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Realtime and passive ambient air quality monitoring and dust fallout monitoring
  • Isokinetic stack sampling
  • Leak detection and repair (LDAR)
  • Gravimetric analyses
  • Multi-point calibrations
  • Development and maintenance of emission inventories
  • Greenhouse Gas emission inventory and reporting
  • Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL) applications and NAEIS reporting
Noteworthy milestones:
  • AQMPs for 2 of the 3 National Priority Areas
  • AQMPs for 4 of the 9 Provinces
  • Lead authors with the DEA for the 2015 National State of Air Report
  • National motor vehicle emission strategy
  • GHG emission inventory for the the South African Transports sector
  • Emission inventories and AQMPs for the 9 TNPA managed ports
  • Operation and management of ambient air quality monitoring networks for Sishen Mining Company
  • Isokinetic stack testing and LDAR for large and small facilities, including Engen, Brochem CISA, Orion Engineered Carbons and Astron Energy
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