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“Due to the stringent demands placed on emissions control, traceability and accuracy is of paramount importance. Especially for the industrial sector, equipment is required that is not only accurate but robust and reliable. For such emissions measurements to be correctly performed is not only in the interests of environmental departments but it is in the interests of everyone, as global carbon emissions rise. Testo is your partner in this field offering portable emissions analyzers that are not only technically superior in terms of accuracy, but also in terms of real-world reliability and robustness. Measurement parameters include pressure, gas flow, temperature, O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S and CxHy.

Whether you are looking to measure efficiency of your own small boiler on a budget or you are a commissioning engineer starting up a large facility – Testo is your reliable partner. In addition to this Testo South Africa also has the only SANAS accredited fluegas calibration laboratory in South Africa.”

Products & Services

Flue gas analysis in industrial installations often needs to be carried out in extreme conditions, involving high temperatures, high humidity or a high dust content in the flue gas. Testo has therefore developed a line of robust products to meet every need and budget:

testo 310 – The perfect companion to any technical department looking after small boilers used for steam generation. This analyzer comes in a complete set with a carry case, filters and a probe that measures gases up to 500°C. This budget friendly set quickly pays for itself with fuel savings achieved due to increased efficiency.

testo 300 – For the technical department that needs to measure solid fuels such as coal in addition to gas and liquid fuels. The testo 300 has capabilities to measure higher CO contents and attach to probes built for higher dust contents in flue gases. This advanced analyzer has smart features such as Bluetooth, and WiFi. Do your report and e-mail it directly from the device when connected to WiFi.

testo 340 – The entry level emissions analyzer capable of measuring NO, NO2 & SO2 in addition. This extremely tough analyzer is capable of measuring in some of the harshest environments including gas temperatures of up to 1 800°C and remaining reliable. With data logging capabilities and low maintenance costs it is a favourite for many clients.

testo 350 – A flagship product of Testo, this product line has been successfully sold in South Africa for decades. This advanced analyzer remains light weight and robust despite having advanced features such as onboard diagnostics, peltier gas drying, periodic automatic rinsing and zeroing. Basic maintenance such as sensor changes can be performed by the end user on site. All these factors make your test results something you can be sure of. This analyzer can measure 6 of the following gases simultaneously: O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S and CxHy.

How to perform a simple flue gas test with the testo 350 fluegas analyser:

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SANAS calibration labs

SANAS calibration labs – Bring any of your Testo analyzers in to our SANAS accredited lab for an ISO17025 accredited calibration. With local service centres that have access to advanced diagnostics tools and many years of combined experience we are able to keep your analyzers reliable for longer. Our short calibration and repair times are unrivaled when compared to many suppliers that are not able to perform advanced fault finding or repairs locally.

How does a SANAS accredited analyzer benefit you?

  • Gives you even greater confidence in the readings of your Testo device
    – Ensures you have compliant documentation when discussing test results with your client
  • Assists with quality assurance if your company is ISO17025 accredited or in the process of receiving accreditation
  • Fast turnaround times on local calibrations ensures that your equipment spends more time on site working for you


Answer this simple question:

[How many gases can the testo 350 measure simultaneously?] and send your contact details (Name, Surname, Company, Phone, E-mail) to info@testo.co.za, with subject line “NACA Competition” and stand the chance of winning one of three Wera Kraftform tools to the value of R 800.00.

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