At Skyside, we’re creating a brighter tomorrow through innovative air emissions testing practices. Through our people. And together with you.

Our team is headed up by Quentin Hurt, who has over 25 years of experience in emission and environmental testing. Our attitude is to innovate. Our mission is to progress. Our approach is to collaborate with our customers. Because only by doing this can we create a safer, cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

We were the first emissions testing company in South Africa to receive SANAS accreditation for ISO17025:2005 (T0701) and the first company to be accredited for Dust Fallout Monitoring. Why all the effort? Accreditation is important – it’s how you know you’re getting the expertise you need, and it’s how we measure our effectiveness. Our B-corporation registration further affirms our public commitment to you, our stakeholders, communities, and our team.

All our efforts matter to our children. Therefore, we use dependable science and validated methods to provide credible results. Results that lead to viable solutions. Results that give you confidence in understanding the emissions of your plant, better control of ambient air monitoring and allows you to develop a trust relationship with your neighbours. Results that allow you to live up to your commitment to contributing to a sustainable environment.


Air. We all breathe it. But how does your production impact it? Which air pollutants are emitted from your operational activities? As the world evolves, industries shift, and your business expands; the current environmental monitoring and testing methods aren’t enough. Our team of environmental specialists is driven by purpose, a commitment to excellence, and the progression of our industry.

Doing the right thing the right way every step of the way – it’s not just important, it’s the law. Air Quality Legislation laid out by the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) under the Air Quality Act is there to prevent ecological degradation. You need to be compliant, as do we. That’s why we assist in obtaining Atmospheric Emissions Licences and develop Air Quality Management Plans. It’s a challenging and complex process, so our team of environmental specialists uses their extensive knowledge to get it done right, every time.

You need results. We deliver reliable results to accommodate your needs through our extensive service offering:

  1. Source Emission Testing
  2. Fenceline and Fugitive Emission Monitoring
  3. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  4. Dust Fallout Monitoring
  5. Emergency Response
  6. Consulting
  7. Compliance Testing
  8. NAEIS Reporting


Our equipment is a vehicle through which we fulfill our commitment to you and ourselves. This commitment is to provide testing that minimises uncertainty, maximises on-site productivity, and has back-up systems that ensure success, no matter how challenging the operation. Our Emissions Team conducts stack testing for:

1. Petrochemical industries
2. Power generation industries
3. Metallurgical industries (smelters, galvanising, and so on)
4. Waste and waste reclamation industries
5. Chemical and solvent producing industries
6. Cement Industries.


Since 1980, we’ve collected over 4 million dust samples. How? Our expert field teams who use innovative techniques to assess, collect, and analyse every sample.

We understand Dust Fallout Monitoring and know every site has its own needs.

So, we offer:
1. A comprehensive evaluation of your site to determine where the dust fallout monitoring system should be positioned
2. Provision of single buckets or directional buckets and equipment, according to your operational needs
3. Short-term and long-term monitoring services
4. Detailed monthly reports that comply with the Air Quality Legislation
5. Ongoing communication with our project managers that ensure your monitoring networks function smoothly


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