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Company Introduction

Elemental Analytics based in Boksburg, has more than 30 years of system design and integrated sampling system experience. We have marketed and maintained our product range of instruments in South Africa for the past 15 years. Our experienced, highly qualified and factory trained staff market, maintain and repair our commissioned product ranges at our fully functional repair workshop and laboratory. Where our systems department has over 20 years’ experience in sample system piping and construction according to specification.

We design, install, test and commission analytical products for industry and specialised applications. The applications include process control, process optimisation, environmental and other. The analytical solutions may include instrumentation such as gas analysers, petrochemical analysis, gas detectors, portable analysers, environmental monitoring and lab instruments for processing, emissions, water and safety applications.

We are committed to exploring the import replacement market and serve the industry with products of high quality and reliability. We place great emphasis on our product enhancement program and remain committed to the search for new technology to add to our current product portfolio.

Products and Services

Products and services

Our world class portfolio consists of the some of the world’s leading analysers and manufactured consumables, such as

  • Gas analysers and gas and flame gas detectors
  • Portable analysers
  • Filters, fittings, valves, pumps, tubing, flow controllers, vacuum gauges, flow management
  • Regulators
  • Ambient air quality monitors
  • Specialised applications for GHG analysis, continuous soil monitoring, continuous oil monitoring

With brands such as Servomex, COSA Xentaur, Dr Födisch, Headline filters, Picarro, E Instruments, Dopak sampling systems, etc.

We have a fully functional design team, with their main focus on up-front design and calculations, assisting with correct selection for the correct application, technical clarifications, complete final design and drawings, documentation and project management during construction phase

Due to the importance of ensuring the correct functioning of analysers and systems, we offer on-site service contracts, which entails our technicians performing repair and service (maintenance) on analytical equipment installed. Customers also have the option of renting or leasing specialised analysers from us.

To secure a fast and efficient service, we keep stock of most of the recommended spares of each type of instrument we sell. Stock levels depend on the quantity of instruments in the field. A speedy delivery service from our principals is available, which will be indicated on our quotation.


Importance of continuous emissions monitoring

To decide on the suitability of a measuring system, it is important to know the applicable measurements required and iso-kinetic results to be made available for proper design of the sample condition, flow rates, sample composition and ranges of elements, as well as observe the applicable legal framework. In most countries, the decision is not only about the measurement technology itself, but also about the applicable emission limits and certification ranges.

Measuring systems or continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) must be approved according to stringent quality assurance and compliance systems and rules. On closer examination, it becomes clear that numerous suitability-tested emission measurement systems may no longer meet legal requirements due to insufficient existing certification range, or that different principles must be combined. If, in addition, the maintenance interval is included in the comparison for the assessment of the lifecycle, numerous models prove impractical from an operator point of view.

There are various approaches to procure emission measurement systems in compliance with site specification, and environmental and other regulations to ensure that the emission limit value and certification range match. All these factors need to be considered when designing and installing emission monitoring systems.
We will take you through the life cycle of your emission monitoring project to help guide towards the correct and appropriate solutions for your specific needs, based on our specialised experience and knowledge.

Our complete management service includes

  • Selection of the correct instrumentation for the specific application
  • Total procurement and reporting
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • SHE Management
  • Training of Customer maintenance personnel
  • High emphasis on after sales service and Customer care

Contact Information

Please visit our website www.e-analytics.co.za for more information, however, should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For general enquiries or further information on our services or products please email: info@e-analytics.co.za. Alternatively, we have dedicated staff for specialist applications listed on the website, contact them directly.

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