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Since 1988, C&M Consulting Engineers have been the leading air quality monitoring and equipment supplier in Southern Africa. Based on our core values the C&M family has grown and gotten stronger over our 32 years, to be a diverse group of personnel which all focus on keeping our clients satisfied, informed and up to date with measurements, calibrations and new equipment development.

Beginning with reporting “Smoke and SO2” data in the early 1990’s, C&M has grown to the point of being the main supplier of services to the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, National Air Quality Indicator project, which we are extremely proud of. With a strong data validation and reporting team we have assisted in populating the SAAQIS system with up to date data monthly.

Providing SANAS calibrations on criteria pollutants was also a goal achieved by C&M in 2006 and have since provided the service to many local clients and even our opposition.

A cornerstone of C&M since inception has been our isokinetic and gaseous sampling team, who will still climb those stacks and provide quality monitoring data.

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Our Servives

Equipment Supply and SANAS Calibration
We have sole distributorship agreements with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and have been their local support for many more than 25 years. We also keep an eye on new developments in the market and expand our range only with the best we can find.
We have held SANAS accreditation since 2006 for the calibration of ambient air quality analysers measuring SO2, NO2, CO and Ozone. With the supply of our OPSIS AQM and CEMS range of equipment, ensuring that our clients installing these units will receive SANAS calibrations on their investments.

Maintenance and Data Reporting
We currently have a team of 9 dedicated technicians in the field to assist clients with their AQM and CEM installations. Most of our personnel have been factory trained and all work completed on our supplied equipment fall under the warranties from our distributors.
Our qualified and experienced data team works closely with the technicians in the field with daily updates on any equipment queries and implementation of an action plan to ensure high quality data. The data team focusses on producing validated data and reports within the first two weeks of each month making sure our clients have the updated data at their fingertips.

Isokinetic and gaseous Sampling 
As a cornerstone of C&M’s services since 1988, we have a dedicated team of environmental specialists to perform these tests as per the required methodology. Currently we are in the process of lodging our application to have our testing services SANAS accredited and aim to have it approved early 2021.

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